JC Horizon Ltd.
  JC Horizon Ltd, established in Los Angeles, California, is one of the major export companies which exports various types of recycled materials to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand. It’s business scope includes waste paper, waste plastic and metal scrap. JC Horizon is the 3rd largest exporter of waste material and is the 16th largest exporter by tonnage capacity in the US. With a long, steady and reliable business history and reputation, JC Horizon has had favorable transactions with many outstanding firms and associates, both private and governmental.

Pursuant to the meteoric rise to China’s economy and ever increasing China-US trade, JC Horizon’s relationship with her associates in the business of raw materials in various parts of China, has become more and more significant, with business volume increasing at double digit values and total export values more than $200 million. In order to further explore and develop the China market and service our customers, JC Horizon has established offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou, with business representatives stationed in Tianjing and Guangzhou.

JC Horizon has also entered into a phase of pluralism in its business scope. It has successfully cooperated with the Chen Ming Paper Company, the largest in China, and Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd, in developing the export of paper to North America. JC Horizon is also exploring and developing Green energy, solar power and environmental protection products. It hopes to establish the cooperation of matters in China-US transport, storage, logistics and shipping agencies. JC Horizon has a vision in the joint venture of land and real estate development in China in the private sector.

Judy Lee, the CEO of JC Horizon, is a US citizen from Taiwan. After graduating from Cal State LA, she attained over 30 years of experience, working in the waste materials and raw material export business. In the early l980’s, she became a pioneer in bringing US waste paper to the paper industry in China. The endeavor turned a new leaf, and waste paper replaced the use of pulp in China’s paper-making. Her dedication and strong belief in preserving the environment and natural resources, have earned accolades from her colleagues and associates. Ms. Lee has been a frequent guest speaker at Waste and Recycling Conferences all over the US, in which she would make business analysis and explain the current business trends and market directions in China to her colleagues. She was received an audience by the former Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, Jiang tse-min, at the Zhong Nan Hai Compound in Beijing, 1993.

Her motto is:
“Living in America and working with China, I am thankful for all the blessings of goodness, happiness and success.”